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Sep 16

Simarc Property Management Limited Background Information

Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Simarc Property Management Limited (SPM) was founded by current managing director Peter Goodkind in 1983 and specialises in the management of ground rent portfolios. SPM today manages and owns one of the largest portfolios in the UK.

Simarc currently sends sends vast quantities of ground rent demands out per annum and therefore the Company continually invests in the latest technology enabling leaseholders to receive their demands by email and pay their ground rent or get other detailed information regarding their properties via their website

Apart from ground rent collection Simarc Property Management deals with all day to day management issues such as Notices, Consents, Sub- Lettings and Rent Information etc on behalf of freeholders as well as negotiating individual freehold sales and lease extensions with leaseholders.

Simarc Property Management own their own FSA regulated insurance brokerage named Cox Braithwaite located in Cardiff who deal with all insurance issues and are able to obtain very beneficial insurance rates for leaseholders due to bulk discount rates.